UNREAL is the first-of-its-kind, 1-hour special, featuring animated stand-up superstar and worldwide phenomenon, Sam Stone.

FORMAT: 1 hour animated stand-up special
PRODUCED BY: Nacho Night Studios & Eggplant Pictures
STATUS: Active

2021. A doomed generation is in desperate need of a leader and a magnetic voice that will ignite and unite the people…

Luckily, the world’s greatest stand-comic has just been created in a lab!

Like Weird Science’s beautiful superhuman, Kelly Lebroc, Sam is an outrageous FRANKEN-COMIC brought to life by Hipster comedy-nut and mad scientist, Robbie Prawski. By using DNA from legends like Carlin, Pryor, Rivers and Kinison, and feeding him a steady diet of contemporary artist specials, Robbie has managed to create the perfect comic… and a true beast on the mic!


Celebrities, ghosts, monsters, nobody’s safe when Sam gets down to work! Not only does he deviate from his written material to play with his eclectic crowd, Sam’s vivid storytelling takes the audience out of the theatre, straight into short vignettes of the action!

But Sam Stone is more than just the sum of his parts. Deeply introspective, flawed and vulnerable, he’s a fleshed-out, nuanced comic  with universal appeal. In a society rife with absurd characters and filled with stories of unbelievable madness, Unreal’s narrative is even more effective, as it forces the audience to fall in love with Sam’s sincerity and surprising humanity, as he attempts to inject hope into a world  that makes so little sense around him.

So get pumped comedy fans! It’s time to experience a stand-up legend in the making, as Sam delivers his finest performance for his first live taping!

The following video is for pitch purposes only and not for commercial use or distribution.
Music Credit: “Let’s Go”- Trick Daddy featuring Twista and Lil Jon – Atlantic, Slip-n-Slide